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    Piano Lessons

    Let's grow your abilities together

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  • As an adult student, I have enjoyed studying piano with Joe. His approach is clear and patient. In addition, he always logically explains the meanings and history behind the concepts. That really helps me remember our lessons. I highly recommend Joe as a piano/music teacher.

    Anita Halvorssen

  • I've now had the pleasure of working with Joe on a number of songs! He picks up new music quickly, takes direction beautifully and does an amazing job following the performer in accompaniment situations. I definitely recommend him!

    Arwen Fonzen, Voice Artist and Singer/Songwriter

  • Having you in the room playing the piano during choir class reminded me how much I love playing. Never change because you are so talented. I will miss you and I hope you enjoy the rest of the year.

    Naomi, former Kunsmiller Student

  • Welcome to JoeRoesslerPiano.com!

    Why take lessons from Joe?

    Your individual needs are my top priority. Everyone has a different reason for studying piano. Whether it is for pleasure, entering a competition, learning how to play commercial styles, or broadly enhancing your musicianship, I am there for you. I encourage students to play a variety of genres and build their theory and aural skills through a holistic approach. 

    It is not enough to attend a piano lesson and hear “this needs to be improved” or “try it again, but with some more feeling” in bored tones without a clear demonstration. I give my students the techniques they deserve through a conversation about the instrument with many examples, so the student may choose the method which best suits him or her. My lessons are a dialogue, not a one-way street.

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    My History

    I started teaching five years ago. I have 15 years of playing experience across a variety of styles. As a soloist, I played concert halls. I also played with bands where we played festivals, underground, and aboveground events across Colorado. I’m currently freelancing, playing shows, and writing my own music.

    Along the way, my other musician friends needed help with their projects. I used my classical training to help them with songwriting, arranging, as well as some other general concepts while they helped me with my electronic production skills. The tracks I coached on earned millions of plays, and I’m happy to see my friends doing well in their artist careers. 

    Helping my friends showed me how important teaching is. Teaching means passing the knowledge I was fortunate enough to learn at a young age to a future generation of artists, and contributing to the development of music as an artform. While performing is fun, it’s temporary. The contributions I can make to music through teaching are so much more permanent and rewarding to me.

    I love seeing people do what they couldn’t do before. I love seeing tracks I helped with earn sales and performance opportunities for the artist that seemed unattainable in the past. I love seeing the look of joy when someone finally can play music they feel a strong connection to and knowing that I helped that person achieve their goal.

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    For even more information, as well as my blog, click here to go to my personal portfolio website.

    My lessons

    My goal as a teacher is to make music enjoyable, educational, and attainable for everyone who studies with me. While music is magical, it’s not magic. I’m here so we can work together to demystify what makes music great and how to play piano well using the music and styles that you want to play. We accomplish this together through a teaching approach that allows you to discover your own talents and flourish as a musician.

    Click here for more information about the type of lessons I offer and how I tailor my approach to your age level and current ability. I am comfortable with working with children, teens, and adults.

    Teaching Locations

    I am available to teach at my studio in South Boulder in the Table Mesa neighborhood.

    I can also make house calls around Boulder. I serve The Hill, Eisenhower, North Boulder, The Holiday Neighborhood, and Jay Road.

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